VR Projects


How can we adapt to our fast changing world, that makes it easier and easier to work anywhere and anytime? Our answer is co/be, a VR meeting tool for Oculus Rift, to meet your customers or colleagues in creative meetings to generate the ideas for the future.

El Presidente

A VR Project that combines analog game play and Virtual Reality in a real time battle between Trump and the Mexican García. With the help of image recognition and the HTC Vive the two enter a thrilling showdown. Who will win?


Thousands of miles under the sea are living creatures, that nobody has seen before. Each of them has its very special character. Go on a deep dive with the Samsung Gear VR to discover them all and to be fascinated.

AR Project


What happens behind a painting? It would be interesting to see a painting from other angles, especially when it shows geometric shapes like the ones from Frantisek Kupka. With Augmented Reality it's possible!

UI Project

Café Satz

Why are most apps senior-unfriendly? They want to be connected with their family and friends through social media too. But mostly it's hard for them to understand and read the common messenger apps like WhatsApp etc. This app changes everything. Connecting Seniors locally and nationally with "Café Satz".