Help! Señor Garcías mexican family was kidnapped and he doesnt't have the money to pay the ransom. He needs to get over the border to the USA to get a job there to earn the money. But Trump is fighting against him with supernatural powers.
Who will win?

The idea of the game is to connect the real world with Virtual Reality, so there's a real time interaction between the VR player and an analogue player.

The Mexican has to get from one side of the field to the other, where the border gate to the USA is. A camera is detecting the toy tiles that can be moved by Trump around the game field. These activate special weapons to stop the Mexican (VR Player).



Big wall of fire coming from the direction of firing. Pretty slowly but long!

Giant Hand:
This giant hand will grab you and hold you, so you can't escape!

Lot of giant trumpets falling from the sky. Don't let them fall on your head!

Twitter Rocket:
This lethal Twitter bird is following you. If you don't run away, it will explode!

Trumps' head is blowing strong wind in your direction to disturb your teleport.

The Mexican always has his avocado with him to throw and transport himself to where it lands. He's slowly gliding to the location to not get motion sick.

Analog Game Field:
Laser-cut wooden game field with removable tiles. The tiles can be arranged by Trump and an image recognition software transforms it into a landscape with hills, that the Mexican has to overcome.

Game Stones:
3D printed Game Stones with exchangeable tiles on top that have Vuforia Codes printed on them. Depending on the Code, a specific weapon is launched on the field from where the stone is sitting. With turning or moving of the stone, the weapon can be controlled. Only two weapons at a time can be used.

OneDay_VR 2017

This project was realized in cooperation with Ruben Hussong, Lisa Marquardt, Hannah Keuerleber, Carla Grammel, Marcel Kieser and Julian Altmeyer at HTWG Konstanz