Flexible work becomes more and more normal with the globalization. The digital nomads can work wherever they want, they only need their laptop and Internet access.

In co/be, you can meet your team or clients in VR to make a creative meeting and find faster and better ideas for great products

Just put on the headset and say hi with your unique avatar!


transformation glasses:
With symbolically putting on another one's glasses, you can take a different personality and thus a different perspective. The optimist, the creative, the emotional, the critical and the factual complement each other.

snowball principle: Solutions for the situation are being written on big virtual cards by every user and given to each neighbour afterwards. The neighbours develop those sketches with their own interpretation.

exploration world:
Here, an impact is made through a changing abstract environment. The visualisation and music inspire the team, because they are taken to another world.

pole journey:
Facts that are seen as obvious are being discussed and turned around in the opposite meaning. Afterwards the meanings are turned back around so new conclusions and new perspectives can be developed.

mental map:
Bricks are used as associative means of expression to easier collocate complex circumstances. From a floating position you can see the metaphoric map with a distance to better understand connections.


This project was realized in cooperation with Julia Stepper and two programmers
at HTWG Konstanz


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