Some years ago, we gave my grandma an iPad which made the internet accessible for her and most important of all, she was able to stay in touch with us, her family. But she never really used a computer before, so she didn't know how to handle all the apps, with their different symbols and functions. For everything she wanted to do, she first had to get instructions by me how it works. Also she wanted to stay in touch with her friends by chatting but most of them didn't even have a mobile device, mostly because they didn't know how to operate it.
Because of this story and because of the fact that so many other elderly people are suffering from senior-unfriendly apps, I created this concept and prototype for an app called "Café Satz". It's targeted at people from 65+ years with larger typography, legible fonts and colours. Also I tried to reduce the amount of symbols, so the app could be used without a lot of explanations before. The moving shapes are inspired from coffee stains and coffee steam rising.



This project was planned at HTWG Konstanz and redesigned in 2018